New Amsterdam EPs Talk Finale’s Shocking Life-and-Death Cliffhanger

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New Amsterdam Finale Recap

Warning: The following post contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s New Amsterdam finale.

How’s that for a bait-and-switch?! Going into Tuesday’s season finale of New Amsterdam, all the concern was focused on Max’s pregnant wife Georgia and her dangerous at-home delivery. But by the end of the episode, two other lives were also in danger. After helping to bring baby Luna into the world, Lauren Bloom — and Helen Sharpe — boarded an ambulance with Georgia, Max and their newborn, which was then sideswiped by a stolen ambulance! When the hospital staff arrived at the crash site, they found a near-death Bloom thrown from the vehicle, Georgia unconscious and Sharpe… MIA? (But at least Max and Luna seem to be OK!)

Elsewhere, Floyd didn’t get his mother’s blessing to pop the question to Evie — but that didn’t stop the couple from getting engaged.

Below, executive producer David Schulner and EP/directer Peter Horton discuss Sharpe’s mysterious whereabouts, who’s dead and much more.

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