Nearly 300K Alien Fans Sign Up to ‘Breach Area 51’ for Joke Facebook Event

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More than 290,000 alien hunters have signed up for a joke Facebook event that aims to “breach Area 51.” (Photo Credit: Oliver Pacas / Unsplash)

Stay on target

More than 293,000 alien hunters have signed up for a joke Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” and it highlights a hilarious mock plan to breach one of the most mysterious and off-limits areas in the U.S.

According to the event details, on Sept. 20 at 3 a.m. PDT, the group will meet at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and “coordinate our entry” into the highly classified military area, Fox News reported.

However, coordinating this raid to uncover “extraterrestrial secrets” won’t be an easy feat, since it will involve a strategy that requires running and some superpower strength.

“If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets,” said the cheeky event details. “Lets see them aliens.”


One extraterrestrial enthusiast took game planning to the next level that involved kyles, rock throwers, and naruto runners in the hoax Area 51 heist operation.

“The basic idea is that the kyles form the front line, if we feed them enough psilocybin and monster energy and say that anyone in camouflage is their step dad, and the entire base is made of drywall then they will go berserk and become an impenetrable wall,” the Facebook user wrote below the event post. “Then, the rock throwers will throw pebbles at the inevitable resistance.” He added, “The two naruto runner battalions will run full speed through the north and south flank.”

Area 51, a top-secret Nevada Air Force Base that’s a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, has stirred up some alien conspiracy theories for more than 50 years. Its strange reputation could be attributed to the testing of confidential military planes and other aircraft at the area, which isn’t accessible to the public.

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