I.M. Pei tributes flood social media

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The famous architect passed away at the age of 102

Architect I.M. Pei stands beside the tip of the Louvre’s inverted pyramid in the Galleries of the Carrousel in Paris, France.

Iconic architect I.M. Pei has died at the age of 102. As one of the most prolific and well-respected architects in the industry, Pei was responsible for a wide range of buildings in the United States and abroad. Most famous for his glass-topped extension of Paris’s Louvre Museum, Pei was also celebrated for his ability to collaborate with others and effectively manage complicated projects.

Admirers across the internet have taken to social media to express their sadness at the news and show their love for Pei, his work, and his legacy. Below, a look at some of the latest posts from design writers, critics, entertainers, and more—a testament to Pei’s influence and long-lasting career.

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Honoring Architect I.M. Pei, who passed away on May 16th. He designed one of my favorite buildings on earth, an art museum on my college’s campus. I studied art in the building next door, and during our midway break from our three hour studio classes (drawing, painting, etc) we’d walk over to the museum cafe and wander around that monumental space. It was a true statement piece for a campus otherwise dominated by beautiful historic stone and brick buildings covered with ivy. For me this building represented something really bold, edgy, and timelessly cool. Pei is best known for his addition to the Louvre, the beautiful glass pyramid that pretty much anyone who goes to Paris takes a photo in front of. I love that building too, but for me the Johnson Museum will always be my favorite of his works. Anyway, sorry for the history lesson you totally didn’t ask for. Feeling gratitude for this man’s contributions to the world of architecture and design. And for that one building he designed that houses so many wonderful memories for me. IN OTHER NEWS WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BUILDING? #impei

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