Grab the best games in the Steam Summer Sale before the store goes down again

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The Steam Summer Sale has begun, and despite the growing presence of the Epic Games Store and streaming services, it still serves as one of the best ways to score big money on new games. During the sale, which runs from June 25 through July 9, you’ll be able to get games at drastically reduced prices. Not only are older titles reduced, but newer games from 2018 and even early 2019 are also on sale. Few other times during the year will we see such savings, so if you’ve been waiting to purchase that latest AAA game, now is the time.

Go to the Steam home page, and you’ll automatically be sent to the Summer Sale landing screen. A few genres are highlighted, including casual games and turn-based strategy, and next to the standard price you’ll see the current price as well as the percentage of discount. Certain franchises, such as Mortal Kombat and Civilization, have also been put into the sale as a whole, meaning you can score savings on several of their games. In the case of Mortal Kombat, you can save $10 off Mortal Kombat 11, but you can save a whopping $21 off of the previous game , which includes all DLC characters.

Mortal Kombat 11 review

Below, we’ve included a list of the best game sales we’ve discovered, listing their current price and typical price. Head to the Steam Summer Sale page for a full list of discounted games.

As you can see from the list, there is quite a bit of variety. If you’re into shooters, action games, or role-playing games, you’ll almost certainly find something worth purchasing  during the Steam Summer Sale. Indie games are offered for big discounts, as well, and as we approach July, you’ll want to have plenty of games in your backlog to help weather the summer game drought. If you happen to miss out on sales this time around, you’ll have a few other chances before the end of the year, including the Steam Winter Sale.

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